Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In addition to having the greatest mustache in NHL history, Dennis Maruk was a hell of a player.  He technically had two separate stints with the North Stars, but the first one lasted only two games.  He originally came to Minnesota after the North Stars-Cleveland Barons merger, but was almost immediately flipped to the Washington Capitals for a draft pick.

It was in Washington where Maruk blossomed into a star.  In 1980-81, he exploded for 50 goals.  In 1981-82, he shattered the Capitals franchise record book with an astounding 60 goals and 76 assists.  Only thirteen different players in NHL history have scored more points in a single season than Maruk's 136, and eleven of those are in the Hall of Fame.  (Of the remaining two, Jaromir Jagr is a shoe-in once eligible, and Bernie Nicholls will get in eventually.)

Maruk returned to the North Stars in 1983 and spent the final six seasons of his career at Met Center.  He was a solid, productive player, but never reached the heights that he did with the Capitals.

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  1. I'm a long-time Dennis Maruk fan; I have a theory that the decline in his numbers coincides with his mustache going from an awesome Fu Manchu to just an above-average cookie duster.

    By the way, sweeeeeeeet customs! 1979/80 hockey was such an underrated design, even with the presence of the Gretzky rookie.