Monday, July 21, 2014


An entire generation of Minnesota hockey fans now know of Jean-Paul Parise as "Zach's dad."  But he was, of course, one of the great players in Minnesota North Stars history.  Although he was never the high-scoring superstar his son would become, J.P. had the same fire in his belly that has made Zach one of the hardest working players in today's NHL.  He was a three-time 20-goal scorer and two-time All-Star during his first run with the North Stars (1967-1975).  After a half-season with the Cleveland Barons in 1977-78, J.P. returned to Minnesota after the Barons-North Stars merger.  He would serve as Captain in his final season in 1978-79.  After retiring, Parise served as a North Stars assistant coach for eight years.

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