Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Veteran Dan Schatzeder was picked up from the Phillies in late June and for most of the rest of the season he was the only lefty in the bullpen for the 1987 World Champion Minnesota Twins.  He began his career as a starter in Montreal and finished third in the National League with a 2.83 ERA in his second full season in 1979.  After a couple of years in Detroit and a brief implosion with the Giants, he returned to the Expos in late 1982 and served primarily as a reliever for the rest of his career.

His 1987 season for the Twins was ugly statistically, but he came up big in the post-season -- the only time in his 15 year career he appeared in the playoffs.  He had two scoreless appearances in the 1987 ALCS and was actually the winning pitcher in the pivotal Game 6 of the World Series against St. Louis.

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